Born 1965, San Francisco, Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

B.F.A. 1990, San Francisco Art Institute


"Suggestion Box", Scott White Contemporary Art, SanDiego, CA

"The Smuggler" Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY
Daniel Davidson "Lump Gallery, Raleigh, NC

Poulsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Double Feature", Mulherin + Pollard, New York

"Fat Fingers", Mulherin + Pollard, New York

"Bad Dreams Starring Good Friends", LUMP, Raleigh NC.
"Double Stuff" Sloan Fine Art, New York
Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris

Galerie Schuster, Frankfurt, Germany

“Warning Signs”, Pierogi, Brooklyn, New York
“Innerspace / Outerspace” , ADA Gallery, Richmond VA
“Good Cop/ Bad Cop” , Project 4, Washington, DC

”Test Kit”, Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY
“Looking For Ed McMann”, Galeria Leyendecker, Tenerife, Canary Islands

”The Freelancer”, Soap Box, Brooklyn, NY

Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Joseph Helman Gallery, New York
SOMA Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Jeffrey Hartz Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Joseph Helman Gallery, New York
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC
White Room, White Columns, New York

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Matrix/Berkeley 164, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA
Germans Van Eck, New York

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“Pierogi XX: Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition at Pierogi”, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn
“The Gallery Poulsen
10 Years Anniversary Show”, Copenhagen, DK
“The Buddy System” , Breeze Block Gallery , Portland, OR
“Unhinged”, Pierogi, Brooklyn,NY
“The Wild Bunch”, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Modus Vivendi” Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY
“Summer Group Show”, Scott White Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA
“Drawn to You” , Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Shame/Less”, Fort Point Art Gallery, Boston, MA

"How to Philosophize With A Hammer" , White Box, New York
“Mars Seeks Answers” Mulherin & Pollard, New York
“Stop & Go Rides Again” traveling, locations include-
IS-projects, Leiden, NL, Import/Export, Munich, DE,
Weltraum, Munich, DE,
Interventionsraum/Box Staatstheater Stuttgart, DE,
General Public, Berlin, DE,
Kunst en Complex,Rotterdam, NL,
The Glasshouse, Tel Aviv, Israel,
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, NY

“Stop & Go Rides Again traveling locations include - Studio Quercus, Oakland, CA,
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA,
Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA,
Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA,
“Playlist” ,Postmasters, New York, Curated by Paddy Johnson and Steven Stern
“Friends and Family” Mulherin & Pollard, New York

"The Panorama Project 3", Curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NewYork
"(K)NO(W) More Village"(Performer) Choreographed by Heather Kravas and Antonija Livingstone, April 4th and 5th, The Kitchen, New York
"Don't Paint Your Teeth",Curated by Rich Jacobs, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn
"I Will Never Lie to My Mother Again", Mogadishni Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark, Curated by Andrew Sendor

“Loaded” , M.Y. Art Prospects, New York, New York , Curated by Tom Snelgrove
“Pierogi Flatfiling”, Artnews Projects, Berlin, curated by Joe Amrhein and Leif Magne Tangen
“This is Not the Future”, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, Pa.
“Come One Come All”, Third Ward, Brooklyn, New York
"These Bagels Are Gnarly", Curated by Rich Jacobs , Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
“En Masse” ”, Heskin Contemporary,New York
“Feed Your Head”, Heskin Contemporary,New York,Curated by Andrew Chesler

“Bibbidi , Bobbidi , Boo!” Kunstverein Bielefeld, Germany, Kunstverein Mannheim,Germany and Cercle Muenster, Luxembourg
“Over Land”, Neo Images Gallery, Santa Barbara, Ca.
“A Piece Apart” Aidan Savoy Gallery, New York, Curated by Jordan Isip

“Reconfigure”, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY
“NY Loves LV”, Dust Gallery,Las Vegas , NV

“ Painting Now”, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA
“Grotto II”, Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY
“The Sixth Annual Altoids Curiously Strong collection, Consolidated Works, Seattle, Arthouse, Austin, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, New Museum of Contemporary Art at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York

“In Heat”, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY
“The Burnt Orange Heresy”, Space 101, Brooklyn, NY


“Sweet Tooth” , Mixture Gallery, Houston, TX
“Comic Release” Carnegie Mellon Museum, Pittsburgh, PA (with Reed Anderson)

“The Accelerated Grimace”, Daniel Silverstein Gallery, New York, NY
“Grotto”, Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, NY
“Artists to Artists”, Ace Gallery, New York, NY
“Cornucopia”, Mafuji Gallery, London (with Reed Anderson)

“ Lateral Thinking: Art of the 1990s”, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA
“Collaboratory”, Gale Gates, Brooklyn, NY
“Bad Touch”, Lump Gallery, Raleigh NC, toured to Ukranian Museum of Modern Art, Chicago, IL and Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

“Substance”, Neo Images, New York, NY

”Road Show” DFN Gallery, New York, NY
“Room With a View” Sixth @ Prince, New York, NY
“5a x 10y”, 304.art, New York, NY


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA, Art from Around the Bay: Recent Acquisitions
Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, Summer Group Show
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA
Museo de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
Museo Universitario Contemporáneo de Arte, Mexico City
Auditorio de Galicia and Iglesia San Domingos de Bonaval, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Double Trouble: The Patchett Collection
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, Matrix/Berkeley: 20 Years
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA, Selections from the Permanent Collection

Silverstein Gallery, New York, Prosthetic Garden
Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, Allegory
TZ’ Art & Co., New York, Testwall: The Chalkboard Chronicles
Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NU-GLU

Franklin Furnace, New York, In the Flow: Alternate Authoring Strategies
View Room Exhibitions, New York, Far Out
Hovel, New York, Explosion in a Tool Factory
Salander O’Reilly Galleries, New York and Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, San Francisco Art Institute: Illustrious History 1871 - Present
Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, Summer Group Show
SOMA Gallery, San Diego, CA, Exposure
The Equitable Gallery, New York, Views from a Golden Hill: Contemporary Artists and the American Academy in Rome

Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Radical Ink
Palazzo dei Priori, Fermo, Italy, Transformers
Exit Art / The First World, New York, Transfers
White Columns, New York, Update 1995
Louis Stern Fine Art, West Hollywood, CA, Pasted Papers: Collage in the 20th Century
American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy, Annual Exhibition
University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, New Acquisitions

Baxter Art Gallery, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME, Drawing to the Nth Degree
Kenny Schachter, New York, unSuccess Story
P.S. 1 Museum, The Institute for Contemporary Art, Long Island City, New York, P.S. 1 Studio Artists 1994 *
Kenny Schachter, New York, I Could Do That
The Museum of Contemporary Art De Beyerd, Breda, The Netherlands, Can You Always Believe Your Eyes: Contemporary American Drawings
Kenny Schachter, The Puffin Room, New York, Pre-Existing Condition

The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 43rd Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting *
Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, NC, Art on Paper
The Drawing Center, New York, The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, (traveled)
Germans Van Eck, New York, Group Show
The Drawing Center, New York , Selections/Spring '93

Sonoma State University, University Art Gallery, Rohnert Park, CA, One By Two, Artists In Collaboration
* Shows between 1990-1998 are collaborative work with Drew Beattie

Altoids Collection
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco , CA
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, San Diego, CA
Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA
San Jose Museum of Art
University Art Museum, UC Santa Barbara

Rome Prize in Visual Arts, American Academy in Rome
The Institute for Contemporary Art, P.S. 1, National and International Studio Program, New York
Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, Studio Space Program, New York
The Robert Howe Fletcher Cup, San Francisco Art Institute

Sobel Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute


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